About Lene




Lene E. Westerås (1969) is a Norwegian and Sami writer of children books, poetry and plays. She is also an art photographer. She is situated in Tromsø, Norway. She also translates from English to Norwegian. She studied writing at the University of Tromsø and has a Bachelor from the same place. Westerås was Chairman of the board of The House of Literature in the North in Tromsø. She also where Chairman of the board at Ordkalotten – Tromsø International literature festival for 3 years and also for The forum of the writers union in the northern part of Norway. She is writing book reviews in different magazines and web pages. She co-founded the periodical Literary Magazine Kuiper and was editor at The Publishing House Margbok for 8 years, and editor of the periodical Cultural Magazine Marg. Westerås has contributed in many different anthologies and are also writing non-fiction. She is taking pictures for different magazines and books. Lately she is doing work in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon with Workshops in Creative Writing for women. Currently she is working as an editor for several Norwegian publisher houses, as well as working on new projects and text/photo cross over art exhibitions. She gives Workshops in Creative Writing in Norway as well.


I am member of the following Organizations:

Nordnorsk forfatterlag (Nnf) The union for writers from the northern part of Norway

Samisk forfatterforening, Sámi Girječálliid Searvi (SGS) Sami Writers´Assosiation

Norske barne- og ungdomsbokforfattere (NBU) Norwegian writers for children

Norsk faglitterær forfatter- og oversetterforening (Nffo) Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association

Norsk forfattersentrum (NF)  The Norwegian Writers´ Center

Norsk Kritikerlag Norwegian Critics´ Association

Palestinakomiteen i Norge, founder and member of Kunst- og kulturutvalget (KoKu) The Palestine Committee of Norway and The Art- and Culture Council under The Palestine Committee of Norway

Norsk P.E.N. International PEN

Forbundet Frie Fotografer (Fff) The Norwegian Assosciation of fine art photographers

Tromsø Kunstforening Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art